Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Addition or remodeling plan for building permit

Generally, any project of home/buiding addition or remodeling that calls for foundation, walls, even new window installation or replacement of the door, requires building permit paperwork.
The complete building permit and inspection process consist of assembling blueprints for your project, filling out various forms about the building’s square footage and such, getting your permit approved (and paying a fee), having the inspector check crucial stages of the job on site and, finally, obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy when the job is done.

To start addition or remodeling you will need plans for the house/building.
There is a lot of room for variation in design and layout, but there are also a lot of rules. Basically, there are two types: building codes that control the details of construction, and zoning ordinance that control not only what you can build but where you can build.

Bolt Design Studio can help you in all your building permit needs in the San Jose (California) area:
• Residential and commercial additions and remodeling plans in the San Jose (California) area.
• Complete building permit plans for the city presentation
• Plans submission and Building permit issuance
• Residential and Commercial projects
• Remodel and Room additions
• Construction plans
• As-built plans
• Design


Anonymous said...

I hired Bolt Design Studio in early August 2007 for our family room addition project. It was the home improvement project I did not know much about the process. I wanted to have a plan drawn to submit to City of San Jose and to get the approval with building permit as soon as practical. I searched the web and chose the Bolt Design Studio due to the content of their web site. I thought if the web site is so helpful the designer/architect must be very good as well. I am glad I did. Bolt Design Studio provided service promptly and professionally. Specifically, I was impressed with: 1). Professional how to – they came and started doing work from a square one (I did not have any house measurement information). They measured and recorded the whole house components; 2). Willingness to help me understand the plan so that I can make personal choice decisions; 3). Good communications via phone, email and office visit; 4). The professional fee is very reasonable and competitive; 5). They accommodated my need very well by kept asking what I want, proposing what I did not think or know about it. They even shared with me how to select a contractor and what is the current average construction cost for similar project. In less than 3 weeks I have the plan submitted and approved. The building is now in progress and scheduled to be completed at my original completion date. Thanks to Bolt Design Studio. A job well done and I would highly recommend them.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.